An idyllic spot in the iconic Highbridge area of The Bronx

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A Peruvian-Asian fusion restaurant, piano bar and lounge, Suyo offers the perfect setting for a provocative meal. Here, the art of the senses and space are revolutionarily enticing, with stand-out service that amplifies the entire experience



Andres Sen Sang

Executive Chef

Everything about Suyo has been tastefully designed and aimed towards making every visit a unique experience.

Whether mesmerizing patrons with its tantalizing bar or with a new edible creation by Chef Andy, Suyo is fated to become a destination that will not only draw from the Bronx, but will entice folks everywhere to head uptown.
— John LoSasso, Edible Bronx Magazine
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The Spaces

Suyo was built, developed and nourished from a passion for the Bronx. It’s more than a business. It’s about love. It belongs to the Bronx.

Simplemente Suyo.

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